Hassle-free pitched roof protection

Slate is very cost effective over the lifespan of the roof, and it is also resistant to mould, mildew and other sources of contamination. Slate roofs are very highly regarded, not only because of their naturally stunning aesthetics, but also because of their ability to add value to a property.

Concrete and clay tiles offer an economic, low maintenance solution, and a wide choice of colours, shapes and profiles are available to suit the client’s requirement. Meanwhile, lightweight composite steel tiling systems are a modern alternative to traditional pitched roofing materials, offering rapid installation, enhanced robustness and complete freedom of design.

Features and benefits

  • Aesthetically appealing colours, textures and shapes available
  • Natural, long-lasting products
  • Excellent fire resistance properties
  • Low maintenance protection
  • Outstanding workmanship from GRS’s trained slating craftsmen


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